As entrepreneurs,
connecting since 2016.

It all started in a basement (yes!) in 2015. Two entrepreneurs were talking and dreaming of creating something new. At the same time, a plumber was working in the basement. Having heard the conversion, he shared the challenges of construction: the long days, balancing work and family life, the lack of effective tools to manage his business and forecast his finances. That's where the idea took root, inspired by the realities of the construction professionals.

Chandi Bernier
Founder and Co-CEO


Building a company
step by step,
with our customers.

First introduced under the name hoptimize Pro, Elper has evolved over the years, supporting construction entrepreneurs of all sizes.
Watch the story of Eric Dube, owner of Projet Brique.

Eric Dube, Owner
Projet Brique
Customer since 2018

January 2016

hoptimize Pro is born


Recipient of Fondation de Montréal and Entrepreneur of the Year awards


hoptimize Pro becomes Elper

June 2016

First customer


Elper's growth exceeds 100%


The company doubles its number of employees

Our partners also make the difference.

The DNA of our brand

The name Elper originates from the well-known expression "helper", meaning someone who is there to assist construction companies with various daily management tasks.

Dark blue signifies the determination to be strong and reliable. Bright red symbolizes success, while turquoise represents technology and innovation.

The symbol echoes the first letter of the name (the "e") and also shapes a pie chart, hinting at management.

Lastly, do you often see our clients in our advertisements and on our website? That's intentional. It's one of our ways to highlight their success.