Frequently Asked

Looking for more information before making your decision? Feel free to reach out to us at 1-877-87ELPER. Additionally, we've put together a list of the most frequently asked questions for you.

From Quotes to Invoices

How does customer billing work?

Client billing is straightforward and efficient: during or at the end of a project, you can create an invoice in a minute, then email it and track when your client views it. Once paid, it just takes a click to mark it as paid.

Is it easy to see which invoices haven't been paid?

Yes, everything is accessible in Elper's invoice tab. You can monitor by project or for your entire business, making it simple to keep an eye on payments. What's more? Elper sends email payment reminders to your clients, eliminating the need for those awkward follow up calls!

Can Elper handle Cost-Plus invoicing?

Absolutely, and there's more. Beyond managing fixed-price project invoices, Elper also enables you to automatically bill in Cost-Plus mode in a minute.

The system calculates your team's worked hours, consolidates all costs (including scanned invoices), adds the margin you desire (for instance, 15%), and directly emails the invoice to your client.

How can I view my list of paid invoices?

In the invoice dashboard, you can clearly see which invoices are paid, unpaid, or overdue, allowing you to quickly take necessary actions.

From Punch to Project to Time sheet

What happens if an employee forgets to punch in?

If an employee forgets to punch in, they should tell you or their supervisor. You or a supervisor can adjust the time for someone else. To prevent favoritism, it will be clear that the time was modified by a supervisor. When an employee clocks in on-site, Elper validates the punch.

Does Elper track my employees all the time?

Never! Elper only checks an employee's GPS location when they clock in themselves. Their location is never tracked at other times. The purpose is simply to validate that they are on the job site when they claim to be.

Can an employee work on multiple job sites at the same time?

Absolutely! An employee can return to a job site, visit another, and you can even account for travel time.

How does the hour bank work?

The hour bank allows you to pay, for example, 40 hours a week to someone who sometimes works more or less. During a less busy week, Elper will draw from the employee's hour bank to complete the 40 hours to be paid.

How does punch validation work?

t's very simple. Each day, a supervisor on the job site or the administrator in the office validates the team's punches. They just click the 'validate' button. Each week, you or an administrator can review the total hours for the week and approve the timesheet for payroll.

Can I send the timesheet to my accountant?

Yes! Once the timesheet is generated, it's available in Excel format. This can be imported into accounting software or sent to your accountant to process payroll.

Cost Tracking and Profitability

How does the profit dashboard work?

The profit dashboard is straightforward. When you incur expenses for a project, you either take a photo of the receipt or upload the PDF. The hours worked by your employees are accounted for with the costing hourly rate.

Thus, Elper continuously shows you what you've spent compared to your income, allowing you to always know your profits on a project.

Can we track the budgets for each project and all expense categories?

Yes! There are already several categories available (materials, labour, subcontractors, tool rental, etc.), and you have the option to create your own categories for customized tracking.

Can we adjust budgets mid-project if there are changes?

Certainly. In construction, project changes are common, especially at the request of clients. With Elper, you can always adjust all amounts and accurately track the new budgets.

Do my employees see the budgets?

Never. Only you or an authorized employee has has access to this private information! This ensures the confidentiality of the company's financial data.

More Technical Questions

Does Elper work on iPhone and Android?

Yes! Elper works equally well on older and newer iPhonen and Android devices. Of course, not on the flip! And it works on your computer and tablet too.

Does the application have a significant effect on the phone's battery charge?

Not at all. You open the application only when you need it. The rest of the time, it consumes nothing.

Is it necessary to create a password for each employee?

Not at all. When you create an employee profile, you enter the employee's cell phone number. Elper sends him or her an access code by SMS. New phone? reinstall the app from the appstore and requests a new code by text message. Elper makes it easy.

Will Elper work on my computer or tablet?

Elper works on most computers and mobile devices. Whether Windows or Mac. iPhone, iPad. Android tablets and phones.

Do employees have to pay to download the application?

Never. Downloading the application is free from the appstores.

Does the application consume data from my employees' cell phones?

Although the application requires the use of mobile data, the consumption is really negligible and generally doesn't require you to change your cell phone data plan.

What do I do if I need help?

Very simple. Write to us or call us. You can also chat directly within the software. A team dedicated to your success, made up of real people, is available to help you.